First post… What’s up with us?

Swindon travelled to the Ricoh sitting pretty in the League One table and with the best away record in the league… You’re probably thinking it was inevitable we would lose? Maybe so? But the way we just lay down and let them control the game really bugged me…

A win for us would of propelled us from 18th to 10th, surely this is motivation in itself! We had a bright opening first 5 minutes but that was it, the remaining 85 minutes was poor, very poor, and after last weeks win away to Walsall we expected much more! I’m a realist, I knew it would be a tricky fixture, but at home you’ve got to look to control games and put the visitors on the back foot – We did the complete opposite.

Despite going 1-0 down after 8 minutes, there was still no urgency, no fight, no passion to get back in to the game. We allowed Swindon way too much time on the ball and the ‘high press’ was non existent… We simply looked lethargic and second best all over the park.They simply wanted it more and the 3-0 win reflected their dominance. What does this come down to…  Poor players? Poor management? Owners? Yes we’ve had no investment for donkeys years, but I still believe the squad we have is capable of at least a top half place which is why I question the way Pressley sets us up…we’ve got to January and he’s still not sure what our best formation and starting 11 is, it’s very worrying. He always says we press well as a unit, which I never really see at all in games, the only one who busts a gut to close people down is Jim O’Brien… He can’t do it on his own! I just really can’t put a finger on why the players aren’t performing, is it because Pressley has lost the dressing room as some people suggest? Who knows, but I know one thing, having a team full of one year deals and loans doesn’t help, very few play for the shirt!

I just think we desperately lack a few things in the side, as I believe we have the spine of a very competitive squad! You throw a few of our players from last season in to this team and we would become promotion contenders, and that’s the difference… We never keep hold of them! Sisu need to realise the way to make money in football is to put money in and gain success. Success breeds confidence, this leads to more success, higher crowds, money and profit. If they gave the club a reasonable amount of funds to work with in the January transfer window we could add a bit of pace to the side (which we desperately lack), a ball winning midfielder and an experienced Keeper and a push up the league could be on…but as Coventry City fans we’ve come to know this won’t happen.

Let’s just hope Pressley and the squad he’s got can lift their game… It’s about time we had something to bloody cheer about, let’s hope 3 points at Gillingham Saturday kickstarts a push.

Here’s hoping! We always believe! PUSB


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