Elvis has left the building…

So, it’s been an eventful few days at the City. I won’t speak much about Saturday’s game as I still sit here wondering how we threw away two points, and I bet Pressley is at home dwelling on the collapse too as it proved to be the final nail in his coffin. After speculation for a period of time, which was then fuelled by the arrival of Dave Hockaday, Steven was relieved of his duties early on Monday morning.

A lot of supporters were getting fed up of the tedious style of play that was evident on the pitch which lead to a number of poor results. Pressley’s post-match comments were also getting to a lot of people who didn’t agree with his sentiments, and this lead to a lot of negative feeling which added to the pressure. Some unacceptable results, such as throwing away leads at Gillingham and Sheffield United, also had some Sky Blue fans pushing the panic button. Some think it’s a knee jerk decision, but I think it did have to happen, although I do question the timing of the dismissal.
 I do feel kind of sorry for the Scot though as he’s not been given an easy ride, but I’m afraid football is a results business and without a win since January 3rd (Walsall away) we have plummeted in to the bottom four. It’s unacceptable. I think a shake up could go one of two ways, but let’s hope it gets the players on their toes and they start performing and most importantly, gain some points to haul us out of this mess. I think the real issues with Pressley this season were his signings (some question if he made them), his radical tactical changes and the amount of games we drew/lost from winning positions… Which was a lot! 

Dave Hockaday has been placed in temporary charge with Neil McFarlane, the latter being very likely to leave soon also as him and Pressley come as a piece. Some of the players, both at U21 level and first team level have praised Hockaday’s approach though which gives me some hope, although I do believe we need someone a bit more experienced to come in and knock a few heads together.

Rumours are flying around Twitter like no tomorrow at the minute, with managers such as Nigel Adkins, Uwe Rosler and Darren Ferguson being mentioned. They would all be brilliant replacements but I doubt Adkins or Rosler would fit in to our wage structure, Ferguson may be the more likely. Despite people suggesting nobody would want the job, I don’t buy any of that. If you’re an up and coming manager ;or an experienced old head; and you come here and do a half decent job, you’ll be in with a shout of a move to a higher positioned team. And let’s face it, there are a lot of unemployed managers… If you were without a job, you’d apply for any roles that pop up wouldn’t you?

Anyway, whoever the club decides to hire as the next boss will face a daunting challenge at a club that, let’s face it, is falling apart. We don’t own our ground, never pay transfer fees and are at the bottom end of the third tier. Despite this, as I’ve said time and time again, I think our current squad should be much higher in this league. I’m just praying that whoever comes in can get the squad playing to their full potential, and if this happens I can see a climb up the table. We’ve got to make the appointment soon though, too much faffing around and it could prove a costly move…

I do admire Pressley for his passion and vision for the club in his reign here, and he has to take credit for a brilliant 2013/14 season. A lot of stuff has improved behind the scenes such as transparency between the first team and youth teams and our scouting network, with most of this being down to SP. However, this season has been a nightmare so far. In August everyone at the club was banging on about getting in to the playoffs. We sit here at the end of February struggling in a relegation battle that could kill the club if the worse thing happens. So let’s look at some stats in relation to this season…

Sky Bet League 1:
Games played – 31
Won – 7
Drew – 12
Lost – 12
Goals Scored – 32
Goals Conceded – 43

FA Cup
1st round – Lost 2-1 v Worcester City

Capital One Cup
1st round – Lost 2-1 v Cardiff City

Johnstone’s Paint Trophy
1st round – Won 1-0 v Wycombe Wanderers
2nd round – Won 3-1 v Exeter City
Area QF – Won 2-0 v Plymouth Argyle
Area SF – Lost 2-0 v Bristol City


A pretty long season for us Coventry fans then… Out of all the cup competitions before Christmas and no chance of any success in the league, I think Pressley would be the first to admit now that we’ve underachieved.
What’s the reason for this? We’ve had no real investment no, but on the pitch it’s been extremely dismal despite having a group of players that should be reasonably competitive at this level. With 15 games to go now it’s do or die, let’s just hope we and the new gaffer can pull together and drag ourselves out of trouble!


I would like to wish Steven Pressley all the best in the future though. A top bloke who I feel will do well with his career, and there’s no doubting his loyalty. He’s done a fair amount for the club and he gave us some good times last term, but it’s time for a new dawn now…



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