Tony Mowbray signs a two year deal with the Sky Blues… 

It’s been a fortnight since we defeated Crawley to secure our status in League One, and since then, it’s been a painfully long wait to hear whether Mowbray would be staying on as Coventry City manager or not. We were told on Tuesday (12th May) that Mogga was 48 hours away from signing a contract, but that period soon turned in to 72 hours and supporters were left fearing the worst…after all, us Sky Blues fans are not used to good news!

Finally though, four days later than expected, the pen was put to paper and the experienced boss agreed to a two year deal at the club. Once the news was broken, a lot of minds were put to rest and optimism surrounded everyone connected with the club. I for one am absolutely delighted that we’ve secured his services, and I am praying that he can bring good times back to this football club.

We can’t get carried away though, there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the club but I can only see this as a way forward. It’s a real statement of intent and maybe SISU have changed tune (slightly). Mowbray seemed very adamant in what he wanted to change at the football club and signing a deal can only point to the fact that he’s got his way. Maybe the owners realised that accepting the fact he knows what is needed would be a wise move…he’s a real football man with experience at the highest level. Maybe, just maybe, they will back him. It certainly fills me with hope!

Steve Waggott speaking after the news was broken…

“We’re absolutely delighted that Tony has signed a long-term contract with the club.”

“Following the club’s final game of the season against Crawley, the club’s owners and the board had talks with Tony on where he wanted to take the club and the blueprint needed to get us there.”

“We’ve worked on a lot of details with Tony and, over the coming days, we hope we can announce further changes in terms of the club’s infrastructure. That will mean there is a better structure at Coventry City for Tony to achieve his, and all of our, future aims and ambitions.”

“Ever since Tony joined us in March, we’ve been extremely impressed by his experience and demeanour, and we are looking forward to a busy summer and what will hopefully be a successful season.”

“He was the overwhelming choice as manager among supporters and many I have spoken to over the past couple of weeks have said securing his services would show a real statement of intent from the club.”

“We’ve made that statement now by bringing him in and we see this as a fresh start in taking the club forward.”

What next for the Sky Blues?

With the manager now secured, we can expect to wake up to news of who will be staying put at the club and who will be departing in the coming days. This will give us an idea as to how busy we will be in the transfer window, and I expect there will be a lot of business going on.

There’s no doubt that Pressley’s recruitment was rather poor, but I believe that Mowbray will get the best out of his budget and I see him bringing in players that are more than capable of competing at this level. His nouse in the game is vital and the contacts he possesses should stand him in good stead. He’s a bloke who knows how he wants to play and he’ll make sure he gets in players that fit his philosophy. 

I think more players will be tempted to join the club with Tony at the helm too because let’s face it, he’s a top manager, and we are a big club. Make no mistakes about it, we won’t have the highest wage budget in the league by any stretch, but some players would relish an opportunity to play under such a well respected gaffer. 

Let’s say he gets in the players he wants…who’s to say we can’t challenge at the right end of the table for once. We’ve been starved of success for years – will Mowbray be the man to bring it back? He’s came in at a pivotal time in the club’s history as we are really in need of another Jimmy Hill revolution right now. Us supporters deserve better, a lot better, and hopefully next season can be one to cheer about. He did it at West Brom, can he replicate it here?

Everything Mowbray has said so far excites me, and the fact he’s pointed out that the club is lacking so many fundamentals (a scouting network for example) says something about him. He’s not another ‘yes’ man. He has came in and demanded change, and the moment SISU break their promises (let’s hope they don’t) he will be gone. I admire him for this, and if he can implement what he wants off the pitch whilst getting results with free-flowing football on the pitch, supporters will come back.

A lot of people on Twitter have said that purchasing a season ticket would depend on Mowbray’s situation, and now he has signed, I hope they stick to their word. It’s time to get behind the club now…let’s back Mowbray and the squad, whoever he decides to bring in. This could be the start of something new for this football club and maybe we can push back in to the Championship – it’s the least we deserve. 

Bring on the new season – PUSB

To cap things off, here’s a few words from the man himself…

“My negotiations have taken a few weeks as I’ve been trying to get a few points over to the executives on what needs to improve before we move forward, we have to place foundations and an infrastructure in my opinion instead of blowing in the wind hoping to find one team, for one particular year to have a good season.”

“That’s the only way forward, we need players that the fans associate with that stay here a while and become a foundation. We need this to move forward together as one, manager, players and supporters.

That’s not something that can be done overnight, it’s a long recruitment process. You don’t employ someone to go to a game, watch it and then pick a player to buy after one game. We have to throw a net over an area and filter it down.”

“You need to find places you want to watch, that takes a little bit of time to build and manage but I want to install the right people into the right jobs.

Over the next few years, I’m hopeful the club will be in a better position with the quality of players I hope to attract. We want to get some players to create foundations for years to come, not just a short-term fix.”


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Gaz Canvin says:

    Genuinely exciting news! Our club is in desperate need of top to bottom restructure in order for us to resemble a football club, and a REAL manager with strong principles may just be the man to steer us in that direction. PUSB

  2. Grunt says:

    Good start to the summer. Fans support your manager and get a ST.

  3. Russ Stapleton says:

    Great news but again I think the club missed out slightly on a chance to capitalize on the relief/euphoria of the Crawley game. No way should it have taken 2 weeks to get TM signed up but hey ho they got their in the end. I hope now that a lot of the bickering and negativity that I read and hear about all the time on social media can be put to one side and all supporters can get behind TM and the football team. Looking forward to seeing what players we can recruit and roll on August 2015!!

  4. hinckley skyblue says:

    I have stuck to my word and my season ticket is ordered and also ordered a new flag which says tony mowbrays skyblue army so he’d better see out his contract and longer, now all we need are the players, i agree with the players he let go so its time for the Mowbray era to start and hopefully a succesful one

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