Waiting around on signings – a risky business?

It’s been a fairly slow burning summer so far for us Sky Blues supporters, with news coming out of the club in dribs and drabs. A few positives can be dug out with the announcement of the new kit deal, the relocation of the club shop to the Ricoh Shopping Park and the freshly laid Xtra Grass surface at the Ricoh Arena – however one thing is missing…signings.


The freshly laid turf at the Ricoh.

Am I worried? Not really, it wasn’t until July 4th that our first signing was made last season. However, with the abundance of talented free agents out there, the longer we wait, the more we’ll be left with the ‘scraps’ that nobody wants. In addition to this, we’re still sitting here twiddling our thumbs waiting for Chris Stokes, Marcus Tudgay and Reda Johnson to extend their stay at the club.

As I said, I’m not sweating profusely quite yet, but I think we do need to get moving in the transfer market very soon. High quality players are being snapped up by clubs in our league whilst we sit here without a starting eleven to our name. Just look at Bury, they’ve acted swiftly and their front line will consist of Leon Clarke and Tom Pope for the forthcoming season (proven goal scorers), whilst we only have George Thomas on our books in that position.

Do I believe in Mowbray?

Simple answer – of course I do. At the end of the day us fans can sit here saying who we want at the club and that we need to sign players. We’ve got to support the manager, who does after all, have the qualifications and experience to suggest he knows what he’s doing.

He’s said he is going to be patient and wait for the right players and I think he’s clever in doing so, especially with the obvious lack of a scouting system on players. Rushing in to signings can be very costly as we found out with some of Pressley’s strange acquisitions who didn’t quite fit the mould. I do however believe a signing or two relatively soon will boost fans morale and subsequently, season ticket sales.

A few names have been linked to the Sky Blues over the last few days which of course creates excitement (or not) within supporter’s minds. Obviously it’s unknown if rumours will come to fruition, but I do believe that Mowbray will get ‘off the mark’ in terms of transfers soon as he has to build on what currently is an ice thin squad. Let’s see what the next few weeks have in store for us.


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