Joe Cole Joins City On Loan!

It was revealed on Friday evening that Ex-England International Joe Cole would be moving from Villa Park to the Ricoh Arena on a short loan deal. Admittedly, when the rumour first surfaced, I dismissed it rather abruptly and placed it firmly in the ‘not happening’ section.

To pull off such a signing is great for the club, and although the attacker isn’t getting any younger, he has undoubted ability in which he can now showcase at a lower level. Of course match fitness may be an issue, but his expertise and knowledge of the game will be very handy indeed.

With the deal meaning Cole is only at the club for 35 days, he has a tough task on his hands – forcing his way in to a winning Sky Blues side. It shows how far we’ve come to even say that. Two years ago we were plying our trade in Northampton, fast forward and we’re at the right end of the league table wondering if an England star can get into our starting eleven.

It’s very refreshing to see the club showing some ambition. As I’ve already stated, he may not have the impact we’re all hoping for during his stay, however, just pulling this off sends a huge statement to the rest of League One. I’m sure bringing Joe in will boost the attendance at the Ricoh as fans will be queueing up to see a highly respected player in a sky blue shirt.

Another thing that’s been emphasised for me is how influential Tony Mowbray and his staff are in securing these deals. There would be no way that we’d be sitting here with Adam Armstrong, Ryan Kent, Bryn Morris and Joe Cole at our disposal – his contacts and relationships are absolutely vital for us.

Hopefully we continue to push on from this point. I was already confident of a good season but with signals like this, my excitement has been heightened. We won’t see Joe Cole in action against Blackpool but let’s hope he can make an impact following the weekend, after all, if he enjoys his football we could extend his deal…now wouldn’t that be nice!

Mowbray On The Deal:




“He just wants to play football. He’s watched a few of our games and he thinks he can help us. I don’t think he’s been to watch us live but watched us on the TV and DVDs.”





“I think he’s at the age where he just wants to enjoy playing football and look to the future. He’s 33 now and he probably thinks he’s got another few years in front of him to help younger players and show them how to make better decisions to impact on a team.”





“The possibility for us is interesting, exciting if you like. The reality might be different and we’d have to see how the team functioned but I would have to say in this league, I can see him getting the ball and spinning away from someone and hitting a pass with the right weight – not over hitting it and missing the player – and Armstrong, Kent or Murphy just running through. Just picking passes and playing.”





“I’m not interested in the name, just the impact such quality can make. We have to totally respect he’s played for England, played for Mourinho and won the league, been to France and earned amazing amounts of money. He played for West Ham all those years growing up, played with Eden Hazard at Lille, won the league at Chelsea.”





“He’s never played at this level, only ever played at the top level so I spoke to him about whether he’s aware of the intensity of the game and how the change of possession is so fast because he has to be ready to know what he’s coming into.”



One Comment Add yours

  1. Hinckley skyblue says:

    Not sure on this one,it would be great if he can control the midfield like mcallister did at liverpool but this is league 1 and i could see him holding up the play as he wouldn’t be able to keep up with Kent & co.
    Not doubting his talent or awareness but this league is far away from what he is used too

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