Loans, moans and groans.

Have you seen how many loanees Coventry have? They’d be in the bottom half if it wasn’t for cheating the system. I think it’s a disgrace that they’re allowed so many borrowed players to be in their squad, it’s not fair on the other teams in the league.

Moan, moan, moan, moan, moan. That’s all I’ve heard over the last month or so from fans of opposition sides. Even TalkSport and other media outlets have been slating us, although they do say their dig is at the way the loan market operates as opposed to Coventry City. Why are they picking us out? Short answer; because the likes of Jacob Murphy and Adam Armstrong are performing.

Let’s just rewind to last season. I’m sure we’ll all remember it for the wrong reasons. Of course, our return to the Ricoh Arena was a highlight, but that was the only positive of a very poor campaign. Without a points deduction to our name, we expected a little bit of a resurgence and a push for mid-table stability. However, we put in some dismal displays and we flirted with relegation for the entirety of the season. Luckily, we survived on the last day of the term with a win away to Crawley.

Why am I rambling on about last season? Well, in regards to our loan players, I think it’s intriguing to compare. With all due respect, I’m not truly convinced that many City supporters will remember the likes of Seb Hines and Nick Proschwitz. Whereas this season, all everyone is banging on about is the likes of Adam Armstrong, Jacob Murphy and Ryan Kent. Rightly so, too.

What I do think is unfair though is that whilst those players are being heaped with praise, we are being berated for having them. Why is it seen as such a crime? The loan market is there to be tapped into, it’s just that Mowbray is so efficient at plucking gems out of nowhere. Let’s remember, regardless of the constant ‘debate’ about whether Armstrong should be recalled to a struggling Newcastle side after lighting up League One, he was relatively unknown to many when he made the move to us.

The same can go for both Murphy and Kent, I’m sure that most people weren’t exactly brimming with knowledge surrounding them two either. Now though, the trio are grabbing the headlines which shows they are only improving as footballers. Yet, despite nurturing three potential England internationals (maybe a long way off) and developing their games, people seem to hold a grudge against us. It’s ludicrous.

Nobody was complaining last season when we were struggling and Steven Pressley signed almost everybody on loan in desperation. Why? It’s the same with Barnsley now, they’re sitting at the bottom of the league with seven loan players on their books. Nobody has mentioned them for overusing the system.

This concludes that the only reason people are speaking about us is due to the fact we are doing well. Of course, stress levels reign supreme when a certain Geordie is tipped to return home early, but we shouldn’t take too much notice. It’s all publicity that shows we are doing good things as a club, let’s embrace that. It’s just pleasant to have attention for events on the field as opposed to off it.

I’m sure we can take a few moans and groans if we are to get promoted. If Mowbray continues to use the loan system so sufficiently, it’s a distinct possibility. The only reason teams are complaining is because we are winning. I’m sure if the team you supported were at the top end of the table, you wouldn’t mind that a loanee was your top scorer. It’s the calibre of loan acquisitions that can make the difference in a cash-strapped division. Mowbray and his accomplice in Mark Venus know how to make the most of it – just look at the Joe Cole signing.


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  1. Simon says:

    It does make me irritate when peope moan about Loan players. I would rather see this than clubs being obliged to risk their future by buying players they need yet can’t afford. Secondly I think it is a great system for bringing on young players that otherwise would not get the chance to develop and players that need a little game time to get back on track. The loan system is one of the most positive elements in our modern game and anybody knocking it needs to question their loyalty to football. We all have our own corner in which we stand on a matchday and our own colours we wear with pride, but without our continued loyalty to the game and its development we will lose all that we hold dear. Lets not forget, the loan market is open to every club. Some signings work out and some don’t. Lets not bemoan those that happen to do good business, but get behind the concept and more importantly concentrate on helping our own team achieve.

  2. Hinckley skyblue says:

    Ask any Newcastle or Norwich fans if the loan system works and they should give you a big yes as we are nurturing there raw young talent for them and giving there legs a real good run out.
    Even villa fans agree as the one’s i’m unfortunate enough to know laugh that we have Cole as he did nothing for them.

  3. Alek says:

    That is why I don’t listen to the moaners (presenters)on Talk Sport it is all right when the likes of Peterborough have loans that work out but not us.
    Really need to stop their boring whining and get on with the job of reporting on matches honestly.

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